Yea, so, it’s been ten years. Ten years since our first broadcast on March 7, 2005. Ten. Years. Not so continuously, but still, ten flippin years! Our tenth anniversary show will feature our first guest, Doctor Popular, plus our original co-host, AJ Kirk, plus Joe and AJ Bush and Tom and all sorts of tomfoolerly. We’ll play clips from the past ten years, including interviews with the first World Yo-Yo Champ Harvey Lowe (pour one for my homie), ‘Seven Time’ World Yo-Yo Champion Larry Sayco, 1950’s chart topper Johnny Tillotson, Kyle Sullivan from Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’ and ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ plus legendary clips from the Severance boys and, for the FIRST TIME EVER, clips from the ‘lost’ show with Tressley Cahill, where Joe pulled the plug on the show after nearly losing his cool with Tressley.

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