Archive – 2006



1/2/06 – First Show of the year with Takeshi Kamisato
1/9/06 – Discussions with AYYA Hall-of-Famer Bob Rule and Southern California contest director John Stangle
1/16/06 – Discussions with Stu Branoff and Tony Basch from VA States
1/23/06 – Virginia States Recap Show
1/30/06 – National YoYo Grandmaster Dennis McBride & in house guest Justin Weber
2/6/06 – YoYo Game Show, featuring your host Stupendous!
2/13/06 – New York Toy Fair Show – recorded at Madame X’s in New York City – Dick Stohr, Andre Boulay, Steve Brown, Greg Cohen, Pat Cuartero & Jack Ringca
2/20/06 – Steve Brown’s Birthday Show!! With recorded birthday greetings from yoyoers, plus live, in-studio guests Shane Karan and Mike Morris
2/27/06 – Mass States wrapup show with co-host Andre Boulay. Plus, we talk about 1A and judging…
3/6/06 – 1st Anniversary Show Pt. 1
3/13/06 -1st Anniversary Show Pt 2
3/20/06 – MD States wrapup show.
3/27/06 – Tressley joins us in house for a complete show!
4/3/06 – YoYoRadio March Madness Bracket finals!
4/10/06 – Duncan Show! Featuring Takeshi Kamisato, Seth Peterson and Steve Brown! Tressley in house again!
4/17/06 – Discussion about Steve Brown Leaving Duncan, other stuff.
4/24/06 – We talk with Canadian National Contest representative Josh Comeau about the upcoming Canadian Nationals, plus Jack Ringca on his way to BAC. Special Bonus! AJ Barfs while on air! (ok, mebbe misleading, you can’t actually hear him barf, but we were on air while he was barfing)
5/1/06 – We talk to Dave Bazan about BAC and also Chike from Throw_Yo
5/22/06 – We talk to Andre Boulay about NER.
5/29/06 – From Joe’s “Home Studio (spare bedroom)” – Seth Peterson
6/5/06 – National YoYo Day Edition – with Rick Wyatt & Doc Pop
6 /12/06 – MidWest Regionals wrapup show with Boyd Seth at the Denver airport and Dazzling Dave Schulte
6/16/06 – Special Team YoYoJam Broadcast with Johnnie DelValle, Devin & Andre & More
6/19/06 – MAR preview and special in house guest YoYoJam’s Dale Bell
6/23/06 – MAR-Eve Special with Seth Peterson & John Bot
6/26/06 – MAR Wrapup show with special reports from Singapore Nationals thanks to Adrian Lim
7/3/06 – Holiday edition show with just Joe
7/10/06 – Live from Hilton Head! With Doc Pop talking about his appearance on ABC’s Master of Champions
7/17/06 – AJ is pretty, oh so pretty. He returns from Iowa. Plus, Stupendous joins us
7/24/06 – Stu Branoff (Stupendous) is live in studio for a live YoYo Game Show! plus Justin Weber pops in
8/7/06 – Duncan’s Jack Ringca
8/14/06 – World’s Recap with interviews from Orlando
8/21/06 – National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown talks about the recent Mid East Regional Contest
8/28/06 – Joe and AJ talk about energy drinks and bull semen.
9/4/06 – Stu Branoff cohosts the show from California. We talk with Luke Roberts from across the pond.
9/18/06 – Deal or No Deal, Bitches
10/3/06 – We talk with Bob Malowney about the US National Yo-Yo Contest
10/16/06 – Doctor Popular joins us, US Nationals recap
10/30/06 – Live interviews from ECC
11/6/06 – Taped show with segments with Seth Peterson and from Mitchell’s Yo-Yo Club
11/20/06 – Greg Cohen plus Jack Ringca
12/4/06 – Takeshi Kamisato talks about Indy States, Josh Schalicto from YoYoWiki and Ben McPhee
12/11/06 – Pat Cuartero talks about his New York Yo-Yo Club and YoYoNation
12/25/06 – Special Christmas show with a reading from ‘Stop Time,’ by Frank Conroy

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