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6/9/11 – Initial show under new incarnation with new co-host Tom Uleau. We speak with YoYo Factory’s Gentry Stein and Steve Brown blows us off!

6/16/11 – JonRob in studio. Ben McPhee via Skype. Between the reckless talk and multiple giveaways, could be the best show ever.

6/23/11 – Pat Cuartero joins us from the future, Shane Karan from the past and yo yo soup from another universe. Bonus! We try to give stuff away!

6/30/11 – JonRob in studio, Zammy Ickler via Skype. It gets real. Plus, yo yo soup’s second manifesto.

7/7/11 – Ian Johnson, from ‘America’s Got Talent’ joins us, plus we address the JonRob/Zammy fallout.

7/13/11 – Chris Mikulin from CLYW plus the first debut of ’40’s & Burritos’ with Boyd Seth

7/21/11 – Seth Peterson from Save Deth & Triple Crown of YoYo plus, Ben McPhee gives away stuff. Also, technical difficulties!

8/4/11 – Almost two hour long show from Worlds in Orlando with YoYoFactory’s Ben McPhee & loads of international guests

8/11/11 – Worlds wrap up show with technically challenged conversation with 1A World Champ Marcus Koh & Andrew Bergen

8/18/11 – Team YoYoSoup’s Alvin Simon, ‘Not’ Ben Conde + ‘Real’ Ben Conde

8/25/11 – Chris Allen from and the latest ’40 & Burrito’s’ from Boyd Seth.

9/1/11 – AJ Kirk makes his dramatic return to YoYoRadio + 40’s & Burrito’s.

9/8/11 – Dawn Schwartz, Producer of the yo-yo documentary ‘Stings’, an impromptu Tyler Severance + 40’s & Burrito’s.

9/15/11 – DocPop, plus cooking with Boyd Seth!

9/23/11 – MAR Eve show with AJ Kirk, Seth Peterson, Tressley Cahill, CJ Atkinson & more. Last 8 minutes have interference.

9/29/11 – Post MAR, Pre-Nationals show

10/6/11 – US National Champs Harold Owens III and Samm Scott, plus special 40s & Burritos with Stu Branoff! R-Rated show for potty mouths

10/13/11 – Andre Boulay talks about the Triple Crown of YoYo, YoYoExpert & Mass States plus AJ Kirk makes it into the studio for the first time ever! 2 hours, rated (R) for potty mouth.

10/20/11 – YoYoRadio lurches back into ‘PG’ mode with the second edition of the ‘Yo-Yo Game Show’ with Stu Branoff. We give away ten prize packs through trivia quesitons, asking people to post videos, and more wacky stuff. Also, a very special ’40’s & Burritos,’ including the winner of the ‘Lazy Enchilada’ contest.

10/27/11 – We talk with Patrick McQuary, who’s leg was saved by the CLYW Bear vs Man yo-yo in his pocket when his group was hit with an IED in the Middle East, plus ’40’s & Burritos,’ with Boyd Seth & his special guest Jacob Deffenbaugh

11/3/11 – AJ Busch in studio & part two of ’40’s & Burritos with Boyd Seth’ & his guest, Jacob Deffenbaugh.

11/10/11 – We talk with Drew Tetz on his birthday, where he claims that other famous yoyoers are hanging with them. Oddly, none of them want to talk to us. Plus, ’40’s & Burritos with Boyd Seth’ takes a controversial stand against Hot Dogs.

11/17/11 – We talk about our as yet unnamed Awards show – adding categories and nominees. Kolton Tennison calls us about a billion times. Plus, ’40’s & Burritos with Katelyn Rose Garcia

12/08/11 – We talk to Chris Allen about the YoYoSkills annual yo-yo awards, plus Samm Scott joins us to try to talk smack about people.

12/15/11 – We talk to Jonathan Robinson on his birthday!

12/22/11 – AJ Kirk joins us in store and brings a pile of new YoYoJam yo-yos. We try to talk to Anthony Rojas, but our Skype connection stinks, plus Joe gets butt hurt and AJ Kirk nearly dies of laughter!

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