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1/12/12 – The legendary Steve Brown joins us, talking about The Triple Crown of Yo-Yo, & the origination of 5A. Plus, the debut of ‘Bring It!’ It has been brung.

1/20/12 – YoYoRadio debuts on it’s new night – FRIDAY! We’re joined by Dave Bazan, who talks about the return of Buzz On yo-yos. Plus a lame attempt at ‘Bring It!’

1/27/12 – We’re Tom-less (get well, buddy) but have Chris Sullivan, the new co-president of Yomega – who talks about Yomega’s new direction. Plus, an awesome ‘Bring It’ with not one, but two brony poetry slam recitations!

2/3/12 – Tom’s back! Our guest is Greg Cohen, director of the World Yo-Yo Contest. We talk about Worlds in Orlando & the possibility of Worlds moving overseas.

2/10/12 – Team YoYoFactory’s Ann Connolly joins us and talks about her recent world travels. Debut of ‘Who’s That YoYoer?,’ where AJ & Tom try to guess who the mystery caller is.

2/17/12 – Hulk Hogan bags on us (jerk!), but we take your calls and talk about Toy Fair and other fun stuff.

2/24/12 – We talk with three-time world 1A Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, plus the debut of ‘Ask Mr. Robinson’ with JonRob & a new ’40’s and Burritos’.

3/02/12 – We talk with the legendary Chuck Short plus Tyler Severance and a monster long 40’s & Burritos with Boyd Seth

3/16/12 – Possibly our best technical show ever & 2 time world champ Yuuki Spencer, Blake Freeman from Kansas State Yo-Yo Contest & Chris Allen with California State Yo-Yo Contest. Second installment of ‘Who’s that yoyoer?’ as Tom & AJ try to guess the identity of a mystery yoyoer.

3/23/12 – Colin Leland joins us to talk about TMBR Toys new wooden yo-yos 3/30/12 – Ed Haponik joins us to tell us why wood is good and he’s pledged to use one wooden yo-yo for all of 2012.

4/20/12 – YoYoRadio back after two week hiatus, plus “Bring It!”

4/27/12 – Paul Yath of Crucial Yo-Yos plus another installment of ‘who’s that yoyoer,’ and we finally end YoYoRadio March Madness!




8/3/12 – We talk about the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware plus AJ Busch is in Orlando for the 2012 World Yo-Yo Contest. We talk with Sebastian Brock, Zach Gormley, Sid Seed, Nate Sutter, Boyd Seth, Ed Haponik, Charles Haycock, Ann Connolly, John Bot, repeat World 3A Champ Hank Freeman (minutes after he won)and more! The big topic of conversation was the new worldwide yo-yo contest being held in Prague next year the same dates as the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando.









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