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Welcome to the YoYoRadio Archives! Here you can download MP3s of most of the previous episodes of YoYoRadio.


1/18/13 – We talk with Chris Mikulin from CLYW and JonRob joins us for an epic ‘Ask Mr. Robinson.’ 

1/25/13 – We talk to Tyler Severance, Ann Connolly, Vashek Kroutil and Seth Peterson about the YoYoFactory Palm Desert tour plus Gee Cheung about Virginia States and Chris Allen from 

2/1/13 – Long awaited one-on-one interview with 2010 World Champion Jensen Kimmitt plus ‘Who’s That Yoyoer?’ and we pick the winner of the CLYW Arctic Circle

2/8/13 – the International Yo-Yo Federation (Ondra Sedivy, Hironori Mii, and Rafael Matsunaga) makes a HUGE announcement about the future of yoyoing, plus Michael Lucas Cummings

2/15/13 – Asteroids!Vilmos Zoltan Kiss from Team One Drop plus ‘Ask Mrs. Robinson’ – Cara Robinson joins us to answer your romance questions

3/1/13 – Jacob Gross from G-Squared Yo-Yos plus Chris Allen from California State Yo-Yo Contest!

3/8/13 – Isaac Sams from Innovation Movement, the winner of the Nessie from G-Squared plus Sodastream

4/12/13 – “Piercers gotta pierce” – Aman Sircus from Rebel YoYos explains his ill-advised bondage fetish logo and Shawn Nelson from One Drop talks about the Summit and more.

4/19/13 – “Misted Frappachino with Brazilian Parrot Strings” – Anthony Rojas from RecRev talks about his win on YoYoRadio March Madness  and Kendama USA’s Colin Sander makes history by being our first kendama guest. 

4.26.13 – Patrick Mitchell from YoYoFactory talks about his long history with 2A, plus we suss out ‘Anonymous YoYoer’

5/3/13 – STUUUUU! The ever-popular Stu Branoff talks about the upcoming Bay Area Contest (BAC). 

5/10/13 – We talk to Drew Tetz, Spencer Berry & Paul Escolar. Alas, it’s not meant to be as an electrical storm knocks out our power right after the show and the recording it lost forever. Hope you listened!

5/17/13 – Jake Churton, bassist for the indie rock band ‘Donora’ joins us to talk yo-yos, kendamas and rock and roll. Augie Fash talks about his recent joining of C3YoYoDesign. Drew Tetz is special ‘guest guesser’ for ‘Who’s that YoYoer?’ and destroys AJ. Awesome show!

5/24/13 – The guys talk with the  Northern Spin Company about their new yo-yo  plus the one and only JonRob. Shout out to Danny Severe, who had better things to do.

5/31/13 – “My Cat Farted in My Mouth” – Yes, AJ Busch uttered this line on the May 31st show. The guys talk about the Bay Area Contest, the Duncan Magnitude (pop, pop!) and more!

6/7/13 – “What Does Dope Mean?” The guys talk with Danny ‘Dano the Mano’ Amir about his history in yoyoing and in wakeboarding. Plus, Blake Freeman talks about the Square Wheels Rockefeller yo-yo and CJ Atkinson joins the guys live from Massachusetts States. 

6/14/13 – Yo-Yo artist Jason Week joins the guys to talk yo-yoing, art and Dogfish Head beer.

6/28/13 – “Never Trust A Stripper” – The guys talk about the ‘Best of Delaware’ Award won by YoYoRadio, plus Midwest Regionals and more. 

7/12/13 – “We’re Moving to the Basement” – The show moves to Joe’s house and the guys talk to National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown about his role in Disney’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ and his varied other yo-yo projects. 

8/23/13 – “Who Would Propose to his Girlfriend at a Yo-Yo Contest?” – We talk to Noel Kunz about his surprise proposal to his girlfriend DURING his World’s AP Freestyle  

9/6/13 –  “Never Trust a Children’s Museum” – World 4A Champion Michael Nakamura + Stu from Werrd joins us from Down Udah

9/13/13  “The League” – Live, from ‘Fort Kickass,’ the guys talk about Joe’s pathetic performance in his fantasy football league against Blake Freeman and his career aspiration to join the crew of ‘I’m Schmacked,’ after a near riot at the University of Delaware

9/20/13  “White Russians” – Joe and AJ drink White Russians at Fort Kickass, while Tom Skypes in from his domicile. Lotsa fuzzy audio, for those who like such stuff. 

10/4/13  “Port Kickass” – 10/4/2013 – Every once in a while, a show comes along that just surpasses expectations. The October 4, 2013 show did just that.
The guys agreed that CLYW’s Harrison Lee just may be the most awesomist yo-yoer ever. Nay, possibly the most awesomist person ever. Plus, they talk to Rafael Matsunaga about the new World Yo-Yo Contest seeding and round rules and why the IYYF hates the US and finally, they talk to Chris Allen, who made the tough call to put on ‘indefinite hiatus.’

10/11/13 “Stupid Drew…wanna punch stuff” – The guys wrapped up the US National Yo-Yo Contest on October 5 in Chico, California. First, they talked with the new 5A US National Champion Jake Elliot about his upset win in the 5A Division and whether he pays attention to Truethrow. “Who’s That YoYoer?” was an epic matchup between the champ Tom Uleau and the challenger Ed Haponik. Finally, the guys talked with Steve Brown on his take of the National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico. 

10/25/13   “We Can’t All Be Winners” – This show was epic. Tom turns out to be racist, JonRob claims that Barack Obama is white and we finally talk to Ky Zizan about his re-emergence in yoyoing with his ‘double-dragon’ style of yoyoing 

11/14/13  “Joe < Jake" - Joe met up with the guys from Less Than Jake to talk to them about their interest in yo-yos, their recording of the ‘Yo-Yo Ninja Boy’ theme song plus their new album, “See The Light,” which just dropped. Plus, the guys talk about the newest rage in yoyoing, the ‘aluminum’ Dollar Tree yo-yos.

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