YoYoRadio is LIVE tonight at 9 – AJ Kirk Memorial Show

Tonight, YoYoRadio returns after one of our signature hiatuses. Tonight’s show is in honor of, and in large part about the original co-host of YoYoRadio – AJ Kirk. AJ passed away a couple weeks back. We’ll look back at some of the moments all of us shared with AJ over the past ten plus years. We would love for listeners to call us with memories of AJ to share with us.

But, it’s YoYoRadio, so we’re gonna have fun too. We have a buttload of special guests that will be with us in studio. In addition to having both Tom Uleau and AJ Busch in studio, Tyler Severance of Recess International will be on hand, and he’s bringing with him the likes of Colin Beckford, Isaac Samms, Joe Wilson and Ben Gates (aka ‘Gerbil’, aka ‘The Amazing Tab’)

Tune in tonight at 9 pm (EST) at YoYoRadio.net to listen live. You can join the show via skype at YoYoRadio or by phone at (302) 319-9696